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The Struggles of my life


So apparently being 24 and earning an income off the fast food industry is quite stressful well at least that is my opinion. For too long I have been stuck in what I now see as a dead end job full of promises and lots of disappointments/let downs. Because of this I feel that I have been lost, had no direction and nothing to live for apart from my family and friends  but I want to change that because I have come to realize that there are many possibilities out there for me to pursue.

I would love to know what your dreams are or if you have achieved them and if you have achieved them what you did to make them attainable. I am looking to be inspired by other people who are similar to me.

The topic of this first blog of mine is the way the people in my industry are treated. I feel like customers believe they have a right to abuse the staff where I work but is it really necessary? The average age of people working where I work is 17 and still learning about working and customer service.
We are humans, we make honest mistakes and in a perfect world making an honest mistake is acceptable. Hell I can take your order correctly and hand you your order but apparently its my fault that their order is incorrect when there is a whole other team of people responsible for that order im just the one they see. I can take the order and look to see if the burger I’m handing out is marked correctly but I cant guarantee that what is inside of that burger is what is meant to be unless I took the order and made that burger. So please, if your reading this consider that it is not necessarily the person serving you’s fault.

Being the person on the Drive Thru isn’t an easy task with many factors that can cause order to be taken incorrectly. Maybe the vehicle the customer is ordering from is too noisy, maybe the customer is sitting on the other side of the car from the speaker box, maybe the headset the person is wearing isn’t working properly, there are a lot of maybes so all myself and my colleagues can do is try the best to understand what the customer wants and hope that the order is correct.

Hopefully people reading this can understand to ease up on the person serving them and if it was my fault I will happily admit that I made an honest mistake and do my best to  make up for it.